Unified Ip Solutions

Facilitate your staff and improve the quality of your communication with your customers

Choosing the most appropriate phone center can be a core issue for a company as it can improve the external and internal communication, reduce the workload of its employees and help expand the business commercially.
Sequence has a wide range of telephone systems for your business. If you wish to facilitate your staff and improve the quality of your communication with your customers, then we are the most qualified to suggest and implement the best solution for your company needs.





Ip Pbx Software

Sequence Quattro is a Complete Communication Suite

Sequence aiming to fulfill its commitment to providing high quality services and products has created the telecommunications platform Quattro, a software based on the long-lasting experience of the company in the industry. Quattro possess all the sophisticated services of a genuine IP Telephone system combined with a mighty CTI.


Quattro is installed in a server and supports ip phone environments but also traditional TDM wherever that is necessary. It uses Voip Getaways in order to connect with providers.

IVR Server

Quattro offers a flexible and efficient IVR which can interact through odbc with whichever base.

Conference Server

It offers the possibility for a multilateral conference. It can be incorporated into the same server or it can be downloaded according to your current needs.

Unified Communication Server

  • Voice mail
  • Voice mail to email
  • Video ready
  • Desktop integration
  • Instant Messaging
  • Conctacts

Fax Server

It is an incorporated Voip desktop faxing experience. Every user is now capable of obtaining its personal fax.

Call Recording Server

Complete recording of all PRI, BRI, FXS, FXO and Voip channels.


Flexible and detailed Web Reporting and Crystal Reporting.


Agent Payment Software (Quattro Contact Center Edition)


now available in Three Different Editions to fit your needs

Quattro Corporate Edition

Quattro Contact Center Edition

Quattro Provider Edition


Services & Products

Ivr Appliances

IVR is a technology that automates the interactions with telephone calls.

With IVR, we use the pre-recorded phone messages in order to present all necessary information and available choices to the callers. The modern IVR solutions are also capable of collecting phone answers via a system of voice recognition that can be even used for Campaigns.
By using IVR solutions in your company, you can maximize the productivity of your personnel and even enhance customer satisfaction by providing the requested information in a simple and timely manner.
Finally, IVR technology can be really valuable regarding the increase of the profit of your investment in ads, by isolating the advertising campaigns that were profitable from the ones that did not bring the required results.

Sequence has accumulated all its expertise in creating the software Concept IVR.
The purpose of the application is to be integrated into your already existing telephone system by adding high quality prerendering services.

It is available in 3 Server Appliances.

Unified Messaging Appliances

Our Concept Unified Messaging platform is another specialized solution for companies that possess telecommunication
equipment but do not possess voice message services.


The software is designed to capture the reception of all necessary information and messages and it is available in Server Appliances.

With no intention whatsoever of diminishing your equipment, we enable value added services such as:

Voice mail

Web viewing


Voice mail to e-mail

Unlimited Voice Mail Accounts

Sip Proxy Appliances

By seeking solutions to protect your investments and to upgrade your telecommunications equipment, we can present to you
one more Concept software that transforms every TDM telephone system to an Ιp service node.

The Concept Sip Proxy software that accompanies our solution, is compatible with all known voip manufactures such as Polycom, Snom, Grandstream, Cisco and Aastra.

Video Conference

Accelerate decision making process and transform the quality of your business.

The convergence and integration of all network resources at all levels is a fact. We know in depth how important is a quality interconnection and the exchange of data at all levels.

With Video Conference, we are able to transform your company into a node where all valuable information is safely transported immediately and economically.

Desktop Video Conferencing

PC Video Conferencing

HD Video Conferencing

HD Video Conferencing

Telecommunication Services

Design Services

Advanced integrated network survey and design for Voice, Data and Video applications. Certified engineers, in accordance with international services,
are in charge of the design.

Studio Professionals

All the recordings of the introductory messages are realized by known professionals of the industry and in specially designed areas.